We are experts at helping accounting professionals setup paid advertisements on Facebook. If you’re interested in trying to generate your own leads via Facebook then we can set up a private consulting session to design the ad for you.



Pricing Options



Facebook Cost:

You will pay Facebook directly for the actual running of the ad, the cost amount and how long the ad runs is up to you. The more you spend, the more people in your target market will see the ad. We suggest setting up a fixed amount. (Example, I want the ad to run for 7 days and I want to spend $100)


Our Consulting Cost:

✓ 10 minute free consultation
✓ 30 minute consulting session
✓ recording of session

➙ Cost for non-clients: $100
➙ Cost for current clients: $65
➙ Additional support once ad is live: $25 per 0 to 15 minute span of support

Step 1: We need to setup a 10-minute free consultation to understand what you are trying to market via Facebook. This will allow us to make sure we can help you, plus to do market research to know what kind of ad to setup and what target market to utilize.

Request a No-Cost Consultation

Step 2: We will setup a 30-minute recorded screen sharing session with you. During this time, we will setup the advertisement for you as you watch and strategize with us. You will receive a copy of the recording so that moving forward you can setup or manage that ad on your own without our assistance.

Step 3: Once the ad is live it will be your responsibility to monitor any leads or submissions that come in, as well as extend the advertisement if you wish to keep it running in the future.



You need to have a Facebook Insurance Agency Page Setup Already

Really should have an agency website if you expect results