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MGA & Large ClientOrg Service
  Are you a large accounting firm that is looking to attract indepedent CPA's and accountants to grow your firm? We know you have all the financial contracts, however today that is not enough to impress potential professionals. In order to attract accountants you have to offer them the ability to grow their business by supplying leads, technology and social media support.

We offer growing agencies the ability to rebrand our site This would give you your own lead generating site where all of your accountants could be listed by their location. Accoutnants could have the ability to have their own mini websites or full scale websites listed on this consumer site.

Imagine having a site called where consumers are looking for expert support. There they can search by local zip code and find only your professionals. Your accountants could get leads, a new social media presence and a new website because they use you over your competitor!
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