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Technology For Accountants (A subsidiary of Snoozzy Inc.) was founded by Ken & Keri French in 2010. For the prior eight years we ran NAS Financial, a wholesale only insurance General Agent in New Jersey. After NAS was sold, we started Snoozzy to help all accounting professionals take advantage of technology in the quickly evolving financial industry. The advantage of working with us is we understand the entire accounting and financial industry at an expert level. However we are also experts in web design and social media. Within five minutes we can look at your current virtual presence and immediatly offer a custom solution that will not waste any of your time.

Ken French Jr
CEO & Co-Founder of Snoozzy Inc
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Keri French 
CFO & Co-Founder of Snoozzy inc
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Phone: 973 859-9978
Fax:     973-695-1482